/ Early-stage product development & functional prototyping.

We focus on bringing cutting edge ideas to life for startups, entrepreneurs and established companies.

/ Approach

The Key To
Innovation Is
Rapid Iteration.

/ Our approach is defined by the primary iteration loop of design, build, and test. During the design phase we aggregate research, previous testing results, and new ideas into a defined concept using computer-aided design. Next, we realize the concept during the build phase leveraging rapid prototyping tools and methodology. Finally, we move into the test phase to empirically analyze, subjectively evaluate and maximize validated learning experiences.

The loop will then repeat, typically several times, as we progress to meet the prototyping needs of the project.

POC   Proof of Concept

Typically a benchtop, or hacked-together, prototype that exhibits the primary or critical functionality of the product. These are never meant to look pretty but are instead used to understand technical feasibility and project risk.

FP   Functional Prototype

An array of sub-systems brought together into a works-like prototype for market research, functional testing, or early fundraising. Not all the sub-systems or features will be represented at this point but the important ones will be.

EP   Engineering Prototype

The primary sub-systems are integrated into a coheseive works-like prototype, incorporating some or all of the looks-like aesthetics of the product. User testing, design validation, and investor pitches are common uses.

/ Services

The skills and
expertise to move
fast and efficiently.

/   Strategy & Oversight

Overall product development strategy, project management and supply chain development.

/   Industrial Design

Exploring and crafting the product aesthetic and user experience in conjunction with engineering.

/   Mechanical Engineering

Simple to complex computer-aided mechanical design with an eye to design for manufacturing.

/   Electrical Engineering

System architecture, schematic creation and circuit design for analog and digital systems.

/   Firmware Engineering

Embedded system development and hardware integration, including wireless communications.

/   Prototyping

Rapid iteration using FDM and SLA printers, 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machines and an array of shop tools.

/ Clients

Building the
future, together.

/ Team

If everyone is
moving forward
together, then
success takes
care of itself.

Justin Knowles Founder + Principal

Attempts to bend space-time with his optimism and tenacity.

B.S. & M.S. Industrial Engineering
University of Washington
David Czarnecki Director of Design

Keeps the team, especially the engineers, on their toes.

B.A. Industrial Design
Pratt Institute
Barrett Estep Mechanical Engineer

Rides a skateboard across the studio to be more "efficient."

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Seattle Pacific University

Alex Anderson Mechanical Engineer

Won't tell us how fast the e-bike he built himself goes.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington
Bolek Strzelecki Jr. Project Manager

He wears many hats and writes beautiful poetry.

B.S. Hospitality
Sean Dever Electrical Engineer

He's either at his desk or out with nature, no in-between.

B.S. Electrical Engineering
Western Washington University

Tim Christman Firmware Engineer

He wears FiveFinger shoes because he's secretly a ninja.

B.S. Electrical Engineering
Western Washington University
Dillon Gray Mechanical Engineer

Practically builds prototypes while he sleeps.

Robitics Startups
John Reinke Jr. Mechanical Engineer

Don't race him. He will win before the race even starts.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Seattle University

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Ready to bring
your product
vision to life.

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Seattle, WA 98134

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